How do you compare your training commitment against your friends or even the pro’s? Speed, duration, or watts/KG?

No! Its about your SKC, your Steven Kruijswijk Coefficient.

Your what? The Steven Kruiswijk Coefficient is indicates how you used your training time. Did you take too many breaks? The longer the ride, the more minutes are allowed for a coffee, snickers of cola break. A 25 minute break in a 5 hour ride is fine, but in a 3 hour ride you would be taking it to easy.

Former pro-cyclist Laurens ten Dam invented the SKC after studying the rides of pro-cyclist Steven Kruiswijk on Strava. Laurens noticed that Steven really gets the most out of every hour on training.

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The table below list the latest rides that have been completed by Strava Athletes who signed up for See the FAQ for an explanation of the SKC verdict.

The table below lists the best SKCs (lower is better) for the last 7 days per duration. Select which duration you would like to see the rankings for. Note that for each athlete only the best effort is included.

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So what is SKC?

SKC stands for Steven Kruijswijk Coefficient. It indicates how committed you have been during your training ride. How much time have you been standing still during the ride relative to the duration of the training? The lower the value the better. Obviously, during a longer training, more time for short breaks is allowed. See the table in the next item.

On what is the SKC Verdict column based?

The table below indicates what SKC values are good (or bad) for a number of hours or training. Only full hours count so if your close the home after 3 hours and 55 minutes, you better go around the block a few times to complete that 4th hour.

Who is Steven Kruijswijk?

Steven Kruijswijk is a pro-cyclist, known for getting the most out of every training ride. Former pro-cyclist Laurens ten Dam analysed his Strava data an discovered that Steven uses his training time really efficient and that efficiency lead to invention of the Steven Kruijswijk Coefficient as described here (Dutch).

What information is stored?

We only store:

My activity does not show up, why?

Assuming you successfully completed the signup this could be caused by the activity type. The SKC is aimed at cycling and only Strava activities of types Rides, Virtual Ride, and Handcycle and included in the rankings.

How to I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by revoking access for SKC in your Strava My Apps settings.

Is owned by Strava?

No. is not owned by Strava. only integrated with Strava using their standard API.


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